TUITION The Academy is partially maintained through substantial subsidies from the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the members of constituent churches. Therefore, members of constituent Seventh-day Adventist churches pay a reduced rate. To qualify for constituent tuition rates, the parent or legal guardian should be a member of a constituent church. If someone else pays your student’s tuition, they may be expected to pay the rate determined by your church membership. Please contact us to determine the correct tuition rate.

The charge for tuition is the same regardless of the number of courses for which the student is enrolled. If a student enters late or exits early, he/she will be charged a daily rate for the number of days of actual enrollment for grades K-8, or for the grading period for which class credit was received for grades 9-12.

Please click here for our current rates: K-12 Tuition Rates - 2023 - 2024

PAYMENT SCHEDULE Tuition is a yearly charge. Payments are made in ten equal installments, five for each semester. Payments are due on the 15th of each month starting in August. No tuition is due in June or July.

REQUIREMENTS TO ENTER SCHOOL AND REGISTER To register for school, the parent or legal guardian must accept financial responsibility for the student, agreeing that the account will be paid regularly in accordance with the stated policies. A student transferring from another school should have his/her previous account fully paid before enrolling or notify the business manager of outstanding balance at the time of registration.

PROCEDURES You will receive a monthly statement for your tuition billing. Payments can be made monthly or in one annual payment. Payments will be by:

  1. Online at smart tuition
  2. Check in the mail or drop slot, or
  3. Cash or Check at the business office window.

There are payment slots on the east side outside of the administration building and inside beside the Business Office window.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE It is our wish that every student desiring a Christian education has the opportunity, however, parents or legal guardians are financially responsible for the payment of the account. If parents or legal guardians need financial assistance, it is their responsibility to find financial support. Arrangements must be made prior to registration or at the time assistance is needed, and before the account becomes delinquent.

OVERDUE ACCOUNTS Sacramento Adventist Academy will not carry unpaid accounts. Students with unpaid accounts at SAA or other schools are not permitted to register until clearance has been obtained from the Business Office. A student with an unpaid account during the school year may be suspended from classes and all school related activities, including semester exams, graduation exercises, athletic games and practices, music tours and performances, and field trips. We strive to make SAA affordable for our families. Communication with the Business Office is critical to reaching this goal.

RETURNED CHECKS A fee of $30 will be charged for each returned check. A late fee of $40 each month will also be applied.

AFTER SCHOOL CARE K-8 students who are on campus after dismissal will be checked in and charged for after school care.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES Recurring monthly charges for services including but not limited to after school care, music lessons, and music instrument rental will be charged to your account. Fees for advanced placement courses, lost or damaged textbooks, lockers or other school property may also be charged to your account. Non-recurring activities including field trips, music tour, and class trips among others are generally collected separately. However any fee may be charged to your account at the discretion of the Business Office.

APPLICATION/RE-ENROLLMENT FEES Our student information system (FACTS) assesses fees for each application and re-enrollment processed. SAA passes that fee on to each student. Fees are subject to change and should be paid online at the time of application or re-enrollment.

INSURANCE and PERSONAL PROPERTY The student accident insurance policy provides coverage for students while at school and on school sponsored functions. The school is not liable for loss or damage to personal property, including musical instruments, brought on the school premises.

STUDENT RECORDS One complete transcript of credit will be given free of charge upon request. The fee for additional transcripts is $5 each or $20 if the transcript is shipped overnight. No diploma will be issued until the student's final account is paid in full, including non-tuition charges.